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New Construction in Chantilly

Chantilly new construction surely is the best of both worlds. Generally, new construction is found further from the city in neighborhoods where production builders have flattened the lots and tried to cram as many homes as possible onto the land. Within the in-town hoods, you have smaller custom-type builders who are more concerned about fitting in with the old neighborhood. I have worked with builders who stress over their building plans to save trees, have a style that fits with the older homes, and still have all the modern efficiencies a new home can offer. Over the past year in Chantilly there have been 10 + new homes have been built and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. These homes range in price from about $480s – $520s and can be 2200sqft – 3200sqft.

Builders who love, build, and live in Chantilly themselves: Cobalt DBS, Dryden Design & Build,Grandfather Homes,Ranier Builders, Starr Renovations, & Timberline Homes.

New construction pros:

  • Customization ofupgrades
  • Less repairs
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Warranties
  • No one else has lived there

These photos are from a home that Cobalt DBS just finished building.DSC_5693_pt DSC_5694_pt DSC_5698_pt DSC_5705_pt DSC_5707_pt DSC_5709_pt DSC_5711_pt DSC_5715_pt DSC_5719_pt DSC_5721_pt DSC_5722_pt DSC_5724_pt DSC_5725_pt DSC_5727_pt DSC_5729_pt DSC_5730_pt DSC_5732_pt DSC_5733_pt DSC_5735_pt DSC_5737_pt DSC_5739_pt DSC_5742_pt DSC_5744_pt


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