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Renting in Chantilly

If you haven’t noticed, there are apartments being built on every corner around Chantilly, Elizabeth, and Plaza Midwood. Not to mention the hundreds of homes already being rented in these neighborhoods. In the midst of your decision whether to buy or lease, know that the benefits of owning far outweigh those of renting.




The-Edison-Charlotte-NC 2528 Laburnum

Charlotte has oneofthe lowest “BreakevenIndices” of the nation according to a Zillow study. At 2.7, this means it will take an average of 2.7 years to break-even the price of your home purchase. Most people move every 3-5 years, so you will very likely make a profit when selling the home later downtheroad. Benefits of owning in Chantilly, Plaza Midwood, and Elizabeth:

  • Tax deductions – Between HOA dues, insurance, appraisal fees, and any improvements, your Chantilly home could save you between $3000-$8000, or more, in tax deductions. Go to thisLoan Tax Deduction Calculatorto find out how much you can save.
  • Guard against inflation – As inflation rises, rental prices rise. Owning a home protects you from this.
  • Storage and space – Those new mid-rise apartments may be cute and fun, but will you really have all the space you need?
  • Customization – When you own a home, you can remodel, decorate, customize, and upkeep any way you see fit. The home is yours!

Savvy and Company has a complete list of all homes for sale in Chantilly, Midwood, and Elizabeth. Or, you can email Genevieve Williams at to learn more about the benefits of buying a home in today’s market.

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