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Have you heard what Chantilly Montessori is doing?

For those of you that live in the neighborhood you are probably aware of the green space next to Chantilly Montessori Elementary School. Most of us neighbors, especially the ones with four legged friends, know at the end of Bay St to take the little path through the woods, go over the bridge where Briar Creek runs, and then walk out into the huge open field (16 acres)next door to Chantilly Montessori. Well this space is where Chantilly Montessoris Outdoor Learning Experience project begins:

The parents and teachers of Chantilly Montessori envisioned the space being used to study, write, paint, garden, learn, play, and run free…can I be a kid again, please! They want to create paths throughout the 16 acres that take students and teachers to the different learning areas. There is discussion of building covered outdoor classrooms, picnic areas, garden centers, and even an interactive water learning space since the land has two creeks that run on either side.

The project is years away from being finished and CMS will not be funding any of it, which is why the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) has been holding fundraisers and looking for donors. They currently have raised enough to have plans drawn up for the space.

They are working with National Learning Initiatives, a landscape architechture firm that focuses on creating educational/learning space,to see what can be created with this space right next door to the school.

I am looking forward to hearing more about this project as it comes along and will keep you updated!


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