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Falling Limbs in Chantilly

If you live more than half way down on Bay street in Chantilly you probably noticed the car that got smashed by a limb a few weeks ago in the 2200 block. Well, that was just one of several limbs that I have noticed that have fallen this summer. I knew that we had some ourselves that needed to be removed. It was just another thing on our…or should I say, my “honey do” list for my husband.

So,about two weeks ago onSaturday morning we woke up, opened the blinds in our dining room, andlooked out to see a limb on my car…YIKES! Guess we didn’t get to the removal of dead limbs fast enough. Needless to say, the damage was not to bad and my insurance coverd the repairs…after I met my deductable of course.

Well, I went in right away and called my tree guy…

Matt Hansen of Southern Canapies He came out that afternoon and took a look at our trees. The next week we had all the dead limbs removed at a very reasonable price. We like Matt because he simply came and did what he said he would do, but more so we liked him as he took caution not to harm the trees by staking them. He uses rope to hoist himself up so that the tree isn’t damaged. And as a neighbor, you know we love our Chantilly trees. So, take a look at your own trees and make sure you keep them healthy and avoid auto or even home repairs by getting those dead limbs removed.

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